Hunting Woodcocks

For once, instead of painting realistic dog portraits, here is a real loose drawing. These comic strips illustrate a short story, a recent shooting party in Britany while we were hunting woodcock.. my Holy Graal .
My young labrador retriever hunts his own way, and the pointer try to teach him his own point of view. My friend, Jacques, like pointing dogs. I love my lab 's manner.. Allways the same story, is 'n t it ?
It was the end of the shooting season. My friend Jacques and I decided to visit a small wood, where we never hunt. His dog is a pointer, called "Jasper". Mine is a labrador retriever, called "Plume". At that time, he was hardly 15 months old.
As soon as we were in the wood, my "Plume" followed a scent and 20 meters ahead, a woodcock flew away. When I shot her, she fell on the pointer's nose. He seemed very upset. Jealous of the luck of my pup or contemptuous for this way of hunting woodcocks without pointing. My pup picked up the woodcock and retrieved it to me proudly.

15 minutes later, we were among thorns, when I heard Jacques calling me:
"Cyrille ! Come quickly, my dog is pointing".
I ran to him with my young labrador, who had quicly understood that when Jacques was calling me like that, it usually means that a woodcock was nearby.

Arriving on the spot, "Jasper", the pointer was like a marble statue and "Plume", my retriever was pointing too, two meters behind him.
But after a short while, my lab moved forward, turning around the thornbush." Jasper" the pointer was very upset of this lack of manners.
When my labrador got the scent, he pointed shortly and then rushed in the thornbush.
When he came out of the thorn, the woodcock was in his mouth. Alive, of course! We had n't shot her.
"Plume", my retriever was very proud of him and "Jasper" very revolted.
Of course, I was proud of my dog!
My friend "Jacques" told me... you should give me that woodcock: "it's my dog's"
We learned a few hours later, that the owner of this wood had been hunting there a couple of days earlier... and that he missed a woodcock.
It explains why I found a shell in this woodcock's wing
The morale of this story is that you have better to go shooting with a good dog, at least a retriever
The dog barking international dictionary

These answers have been given by my friends artists from around the world .. Thanks to them
USA dogs in American comics typically say "woof!" or "arf!" though some actually say "bark!" :-)

Japan dogs in Japanese comics, dogs say "Wan Wan!"........ and roosters go "Kokeko-ko!" ;-)

Brazil dogs in brazilian portuguese comics do "au, au, au"
even when litle childrens are learning to talk, we say then that dogs are "auau"
We use "uolf-uolf" for a very slowly bark


dogs in italian comics barks as "bau bau",
that's not a diphthong, just read b- a- u , "a" as U in "Hurry" and u as oo in "soon" (hope to explain myself) ciao,

Malaysia In Chinese comics, dogs say "Wang Wang" or "Ou Ou" or "Wou Wou"
Roosters go "Kok Kok Kay"
Cats go "Mi Mi" or "Miao Miao"
Human beings say "Ni Hao Ma?" LOL >

Sweden In swedish comics, the dogs say "Vov Vov",
so children call them "vovvar" or "vovve"

NL In Flemish comics, dear Cyrille it's WOEF WOEF (pronounce WOUF)....

Germany In German comics, it's "Wau wau" (pronounced like "vow" in English), or "Wuff!" (like "voof")
and the children's name for a dog is a "Wauwau".
A cat says "Miau", a rooster "Kickeriki!".
And a sheep says "Mäh!", not "bah" like in English.
Incidentally, German has a word for the sound a cat makes when it's angry (English people call it "hissing"): it's "fauchen"- and it sounds just like what the cat does!

Russia in Russian comics, dogs don't bark, they bite ;-)

Russia ok, thatęs not true, they bark, too and in Russian is sounds like "gav-gav" or, in kids version, "av-av".
I canęt use cyrillic here to be more precise with how it looks on paper hope that helps all the best Alyona


it depends on what part of America the hound is from!!
The southern foxhounds sound different than the northern ones!! woof woof arff arff bow wow...
.and the really cocky ones say cock-a-doodle-do!! LOL

Iraq The dogs barks but the caravan goes by