"The Naughty Jack Russell"
As I create mainly dog portraits on commission, when I want to exhibit, I often have to borrow my client's paintings. It can be troublesome for them and for me. It is also less and less possible now, because my pictures are spread all over Europe. So, I sometimes have to create some important dog portraits and dog paintings just to show what I can and want to paint: dogs in a decor staging a passion, a sport or a hobby.

When I was commissioned to paint the portrait of this Jack-Russell terrier, I proposed a quick sketch of the dog on this director's chair. But my client wanted a very simple portrait of his Jack-Russell, sitting in front of a mirror, to show its front and back at the same time, because the dog's name is "heads or tails".
So I went along with my client's desire and then painted this scene for myself.
I was a great pleasure to paint this arm-chair, the wood grain, the different fabrics, the leather of the shoes and all the tiny details

The very dark background is a mixture of ink, watercolor and walnut stain. The walnut stain is terribly difficult to use, but it gives very interesting effects. Everything else is pure watercolor on Arches hot pressed paper and the size is 50x70cm.

Is it really necessary to have a special page to find my signature ?

This directorŐs chair, with my name printed on the back rest was my birthday gift. I use four chairs like this one for my exhibitions. Now when I have an Art show, I hang this painting over one of these arm-chairs. It creates an interesting decor.

on the left
You can recognize the tiling of the decor of my first dog painting
where the young Jack-Russell was staging a hunter's passion
Both paintings were painted in my dining room

on the right
The next dog portrait on commission staging a passion for fly-fishing
is directly tied to this painting

Follow the guide to see the fisherman's Jack Russell