"The Fisherman's Jack Russell"
June 2001, I was exhibiting my dog portraits and dog paintings in the Game Fair in Chambord Castle. My last dog painting of the naughty Jack Russell in the directorÕs chair, was starring on my stand. A very charming young lady passed by. She saw this Jack Russell 's portrait and exclaimed :
"It's the most beautifull dog painting I've ever seen!"
ItÕs an understatement to say that say she was charming, don't you think ?

She wanted to buy my painting whatever the price. But artists are often a bit complicated. I had painted this dog portrait to be able to exhibit a great dog painting without borrowing one from my clients. This one had been finished just a few weeks before and the umbilical cord between the artist and his creation was not yet cut. So like an obstinate kid, I refused to sell her my very last masterpiece.
I always think that my last creation is my best one.
I am not sure if I am always being very objective.

I had to be a good lawyer to convince her that the most beautiful dog painting in the world will be the next one, with her own Jack Russell terrier starring in it.

She finally commissioned me for her dog's portrait and we decided together to choose fly-fishing as the hobby in the background. Fabienne and her husband, Alain, live close from Brussells in Belgium. They are a marvelous family always warmly welcoming their friends at home. Alain is much more fond of shooting than of angling or fly-fishing, but the obstinate kid was willing to enlarge the subjects of his paintings.
Imagine a guy, fond of American football and the obstinate artist willing to paint his bull-terrier with a tutu in the foreground and a ballet dancing theme ! That's me !

Limited edition art prints avalaible in the Boutique

Fabienne was so happy with her dog portrait, that she decided to offer me a great private exhibition in her gallery in the very chic Knokke-het-Zoute. Knokke on the North Sea in Belgium is the place to be seen driving the last sport cabriolet and wearing latest fashionable designer clothes.
I exhibited there two weeks and got commissions for a whole year.
Thank You Fabienne! Viva Belgium, mussels and french fries.
Mussels and fries are the local speciality.
In this painting, I also had a great pleasure painting all the different material. I started with this very old wooden beam, because it was the clearest part of the picture.
You can almost see the eyes of the woodworms in their holes.
The lustrous leaves of the camellia over the dog's head were fun to paint. A real "wet on wet" watercolor exercice.
The two wicker chairs were like a Chinese puzzle and gave me headaches, but they were nothing compared to the difficulty of painting the landing net.

Below, I show you two photos with interesting details ..
That's great !
If you came here to have a look at these details and read these lines, you are already a fan. I hope you will write me a word in my guest book.
I would be delighted to have a real fan-club. I already have a small one, and it's really nice. My "Cyrillettes" know the story of each one of my pictures. I love to listen to them when they come on a show to initiate a friend of theirs to the "Cyrillomania".
But art shows are not so frequent, it would be better for the artist's spirit to have a full time fan_club. Think about that. I know I can rely on you.

Let's come back to the Professor Cyrillus 's didactic course:
The signature is engraved on the aluminum winch of this weird apparatus. I don't even remember its name in French, so in English ... Fishermen used it to loosen the thread, so it wouldnÕt become tangled the first time they used it.
As you were not born with the last rain, you understand that if you roll over the image with your mouse, I shall reveal another detail to you..
My fans are elegant but also so smart !

Just like me, you love beautiful things, so admire this leather box. Isn't it luxurious ? It could come from "Hermes", rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. Don't you think ?
For my birthday, on may 10th , my fans should all pitch in to offer me a leather belt of this quality.
Hum ! Sorry ! It must be in need of a vacation ! Just forget it !
Good news !
My kids read this page and invited a few friends for a surprise birthday party and they asked my friends to offer me that leather belt. You shall have to find a better idea for next year. But please! No more surprise partie. I was very embarrassed to come downstairs in the drawing room in socks (hush ! with a hole in it ). Shame!

Where the patron of my fan-club is the Queen
Yes dear fans, your patron is a Royal Majesty.. I suppose I should increase your annual fee
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