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"Smart dog with a Burberry's scarf "

Exhibiting my dog portraits for the first time in Knokke le Zoute, the very fashionable, chic and snob seaside resort in Belgium, I discovered a place with traffic jams of Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche and similar prestigious convertibles in the streets, overcrowded sidewalks where everyone was wearing very showy fashion clothes of the most famous trade marks. There you go on the beach with a Burberry's bathing suit. You lye on a Hermes towel with Chanel sun glasses on the nose. Your beach bag is signed Louis Vuitton,.. scarf, beach umbrella, shoes, T-shirt, everything has to be signed with the most showy trademarks. Perfect ! I just had to become a fashionable signature !

Once, entered in the art gallery, Monsieur, Madame and their cute Jack Russell terrier, the three of them dressed in Burberry. An amusing family portrait !
They loved my dog portraits and gave me a commission for their Jack Russell portrait, with ,of course, the unavoidable Burberry's scarf.
Too bad ! when I did the photos, the dog wasn't wearing his Louis Vuitton neck lace.
What a shame !

Inspired by all the flamish fashion's victims from Knokke le Zoute and elesewhere, I painted some humoristic watercolor. Look at them underneath

To be " IN " in Knokke le Zoute

I painted so about two dozens of humoristic watercolor cartoons, using the Burberry's tartan on different sports (yachting, foot-ball, kyting, .. ) or famous belgium landscapes . I had tryed the same principe with the Louis Vuitton's design (with the original brown one) but it was too dull. Since, Louis Vuitton introduced primary colors in their design, I could play with it the same way.
I had a big success with these paintings. There was allways a crowd in front of the gallery window... most of them, did not understand it was humour and gentle derision. I remind a kind of Barbie-doll coming in to ask if the Burberry's photo frames were to be sold... adding "you know, in my drawing room, the carpet, the two sofas and all the lamp-shades are in Burberry" ..She did not noticed that there were watercolor paintings in the 'photo frames" !!! Poor little fashion victim !
I refused to sell her anything. Na !

I dream to paint a picture with a lot of parcels of a smart lady coming back from shopping "rue du Faubourg Saint Honnoré" , with her bichon coming out of a hatbox. This could be very cute. If you like shopping, your pet and my dog paintings... I would be very happy to help you to spend your money

Swimming suits in Knokke
In the wind in Knokke Balloons meetings in Knokke
Gouter d'enfants à Knokke
Parasols à Knokke le Zoute
Cerf-volants à Knokke
Knokke le Zoute 's football Club : The team has been washed out
This last comic shows the beach cabins in Knokke le Zoute. It should be soon on the Zoute Magazine cover page.
Is n't that pup cute ? I surprise myself sometimes