My First Dog portrait
For this first dog portrait on commission, I wasn't sure exactly what my client was expecting. She had given me three photos of her pets, so I started with three small portraits of the dog with the cat on the same picture. It wasn't a dog portrait yet, more like a sketch with a light and loose watercolor painting. The final dog portrait is at the bottom of this page.

These watercolor pet portraits are my first sketches painted from photos that Veronique had taken of her pets.

At that time, "Sir Macho", the parson Jack Russell terrier had a friend whose name was: "Monsieur the Cat". As they grew up together, they weren't allowed to lead a cat-and-dog life. Veronique had decided that everyone would love each other in her house: the dog had to love the cat and the cat had to be kind with the parakeets, that were flying freely in the kitchen.
"What a woman has decided, God has decided." Don't you agree ?
And so "Sir Macho" and "Monsieur the cat" used to play together very often.
On the left, they are holding each other's paw, reciting romantic fairy tales. In the center, they're sunbathing together on the very fashionable "Ré Island". On the right, they're playing tag . But here, the cat just lost. Too bad !
These watercolor post cards are cute, but Veronique was expecting for more than pretty sketches. She wanted a portrait of her Jack Russell in all its glory. As I could not ask the dog to stay still for days and weeks in front of me, I decided to try to take pictures of him

It was my first professional photo reporting for a dog portrait. I still had far to go to learn the art of dog portrait photography. I started out wasting a lot of film because "Sir Macho", was only 18 months old and was running all over the place. So on the first roll of film, I had either a head or a tail, or even sometimes a white ghost crossing the photo. In order to take a good snapshot, Veronique had to help me by holding her dog's tail firmly to immobilize him.
Roll your "mouse" over the picture to see the detailed dog's fur painted hair by hair, shadow by shadow.
Veronique was so delighted with her watercolor dog portrait, that she organised a few dinners, inviting her most elegant friends owning parson Jack Russell terriers to introduce them to the "great dog portraitist". With such a fan, I started to make a name for myself in the very aristocratic world of parson Jack Russell owners around Paris.
Paris - France ! Not Paris-Texas of course !

A few months later, I printed this dog portrait on my invitation card for the Paris Country-show and sent it to, at least, 100 parson Jack Russell owners. That explains why I had so many dog portraits on commissions with this breed.

According to the legend, at the beginning of the XXth century, the Baron de Rothschild brought a pair of parson Jack russell terriers to France as his pets. When they had puppies, the Baron de Rothschild gave them to their very close friends, Prince and Princess of the Gotha and to other Kings of petrol. The puppies had puppies and the parson Jack Russell family grew wider and wider in the wealthiest European world. I know a few real Princess who actually have parson Jack Russell terrier as pet dogs, but all the Jack Russell terriers in Europe do not live in the Gotha's palaces. It is, nevertheless, rather elegant among certain circles to own a Jack...
....and often very snobbish everywhere else...
This explaining that ...
I had more luck finding art lovers in promoting my parson Jack Russell portraits in the aristocrat world than with poodles or alsatian dogs. If you know what I mean....
The next dog portrait on commission resulted directly from one of these very "ouah-ouah"* dinners.

*translation :
"ouah-ouah" ... is the sound made by a French dog barking...
"ouah-ouah" ... is the word very young French kids use to designate a dog.
"ouah-ouah" ... curiously, in high society, could mean "toilets" (water-closets.. wa-wa )
"ouah-ouah" ... means also elegant, chic, smart

Curious isn't it ...
tell me, noble stranger, how German, Brazilian, Chinese or English dogs bark? I will write a dictionary at the bottom of this page
give me your answers in my mail box by clicking here

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" the jack russell terrier"

The dog barking international dictionary
These answers have been given by my friends artists from around the world ..
Thanks to them
USA dogs in American comics typically say "woof!" or "arf!" though some actually say "bark!" :-)

Japan dogs in Japanese comics, dogs say "Wan Wan!"........ and roosters go "Kokeko-ko!" ;-)

Brazil dogs in Brazilian portuguese comics do "au, au, au"
even when litle childrens are learning to talk, we say then that dogs are "auau"
We use "uolf-uolf" for a very slowly bark


dogs in Italian comics barks as "bau bau",
that's not a diphthong, just read b- a- u , "a" as U in "Hurry" and u as oo in "soon" (hope to explain myself) ciao,

Malaysia In Chinese comics, dogs say "Wang Wang" or "Ou Ou" or "Wou Wou"
Roosters go "Kok Kok Kay"
Cats go "Mi Mi" or "Miao Miao"
Human beings say "Ni Hao Ma?" LOL >

Sweden In Swedish comics, the dogs say "Vov Vov",
so children call them "vovvar" or "vovve"

NL In Flemish comics, dear Cyrille it's WOEF WOEF (pronounce WOUF)....

Germany In German comics, it's "Wau wau" (pronounced like "vow" in English), or "Wuff!" (like "voof")
and the children's name for a dog is a "Wauwau".
A cat says "Miau", a rooster "Kickeriki!".
And a sheep says "Mäh!", not "bah" like in English.
Incidentally, German has a word for the sound a cat makes when it's angry (English people call it "hissing"): it's "fauchen"- and it sounds just like what the cat does!

Russia in Russian comics, dogs don't bark, they bite ;-)

Russia ok, thatęs not true, they bark, too and in Russian is sounds like "gav-gav" or, in kids version, "av-av".
I canęt use cyrillic here to be more precise with how it looks on paper hope that helps all the best Alyona


it depends on what part of America the hound is from!!
The southern foxhounds sound different than the northern ones!! woof woof arff arff bow wow...
.and the really cocky ones say cock-a-doodle-do!! LOL

Iraq The dogs barks but the caravan goes by


In Corea, we are very fond of hot dogs
Dogs usually lie. They used to bark" Kaï Kaï" that means "cooked cooked"
Roumania Romanian dogs say "hum-hum" Jessica