Illustrations & Comic strips

You know my realistic dog portraits and my detailed paintings.
Here you 'll find something very different.
I illustrated for you a few of my hunting stories with very loose drawings.
1) The pointing retriever
2) The last Hunt of the season
3) Retriever and Pointer

I shall add soon new stories, you can also look at those nasty cartoons

4) Cartoons : the fashion victims
5) Study How a labrador hunts snipes and jack snipes
the Game birds Prints

a woodcock in still life
My dear Labrador retriever Porte-Plume and I, in the quest of woodcock in Brittany, last winter.
If you read my stories, learn a bit about the birds.

A woodcock is bigger than a pigeon, has a long beack, small legs and lives in the woods. Their eyes allows them to see on 360° and they are really clever.
A snipe is bigger than a swallow, has long beack, long legs and lives in the marshs. They are very fast. The most difficult game bird.
A Jack snipe is small like a sparrow, long beack, long legs and lives in the marshs. In France we called them "deaf snipes", because you can walk 10cm from the place where they are hidden, they won't take off. You need a very good dog.
These birds migrate through France coming from Northern Europe on the way to Africa. Snipes between july and november, jack snipes in october and woodcocks in november and december. Some stay all winter.