"Sporting guns collector"

You, who followed my course, painting after painting,
You, who saw my very first brush strokes 9 years ago,
look how this canvas is the quintessence of the previous ones!

No doubt! This one is signed Cyrille Jubert.
Don't search further, here is the sign just under the name of Purdey.

I wish I could add like them:
"by appointment of HM the queen"

Though, I do my best for that !

This labrador with a bull's neck and a short nose is a bitch called Rwanda. It's curious how different could be two labradors. Have you seen the reflection of the white fur on her black belly ?
.. and her brown changing fur in the sun light ?

On the image above, you see in foreground a strange object. It's a lark mirror that I bought a few years ago. It's made with beautiful emerald and ruby in real plastic.

The copper axis turns in the wooden post. Do you see the two holes in the copper ? You have 2 different ropes wound around the axis, allow you to make the mirror turn. You see what I mean

This painting was a commission for the 50th birthday of a great sportsman, Benoit du P.. As I was impressed by his sporting guns collection, in so different leather and wooden boxes, I chose to focus on them. On the original photos, there were 14 gun bags or suitcases. As I built the project on my PC, assembling the photos with Photoshop, I felt there were too much light and not enough colours. So I came back once more at my client's home and hanged that beautiful red curtain that was previously in the drawing room. As the first photos has been done in june 2004 and the last in october 2005, the sun rays were very different. In june, they were enlighting the left wall, in october, the right one. I reversed half of the photos.
The painting itself took me about 2 months and a half. Of course, it was not finished for the birthday, but it was already impressive. The day after the birthday party, I came back to borrow the painting again and spent two more weeks on it. As I wanted more contrast, I added a glaze nearly everywhere.
It was quite a different painting when I brought it back.
Here is this beautiful pair of Purdey's sporting guns. Look at the wood and the plates..
What will be the subject of the new painting ?
Which hobby or passion shall I have to describe ? I hope a commission on harnessing, I dream of golf, polo and yachting...
You will see that soon. Right now, I am writing my book describing these first years as a painter. It's a big project to handle and it takes a lot of time and energy.

Let me a word in my guest-book, so I could send you an e-mail when I show a new painting